What is Micro needling?

Micro needling is an anti-aging treatment method for aesthetic skin conditions. It is a very effective treatment to improve the overall skin appearance. Perforation of the skin with fine needles promotes a natural revitalization and regeneration process.

What is CollaPEN?

CollaPEN is a state of the art micro needling device that induces collagen and elastin production with the use of very fine needles by penetrating the skin.

What happens in a Micro needling treatment with CollaPEN?

In a micro-needling treatment with CollaPen, the skin is punctured and injured with very fine titanium needle cartridge (12 needles or 36 needles) at up to 10,000 Revolutions Per Minutes and up to 2.5 mm. By doing so, the body automatically increases its natural production level of collagen resulting a more youthful, radiant and healthier skin.

What do you expect from a Micro needling with CollaPEN?

You can expect to have a more Micro needling with CollaPEN causes cell irritation, stimulation of blood circulation and natural skin regeneration. Depending on speed selection and needle depth, thousands of micro channels can be opened in order to stimulate collagen and elastin production of the connective tissues that store rejuvenating active substances deep into the tissue.

What is the benefit of a treatment with CollaPEN?

The revolutionary versatility of CollaPEN ensures the best possible treatment results and experience both for the patience and the person who administers the treatment.

  • The ability to puncture up to 10,000 Revolutions Per Minute
  • The freedom to easily adjust the needle length up to 2.5mm
  • CollaPEN compared to traditional dermal rollers or other micro-needling device (Speed and needle concentration)
  • The micro-needling treatment with CollaPEN ensures a high absorption degree of the active ingredients to the skin.

The above features of CallaPEN allows for best treatment results with virtually no pain to minimum with little to no down time.

What can CollaPEN do?

CollaPEN may be used to treat on the entire body and is suitable for the following indications:

  • Pore reduction
  • Enhancement of skin the texture
  • Removal of acne and surgical scars
  • Brightening of pigment and dark spots
  • Skin tightening
  • Diminish of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improve stretch marks
  • Optimal results for skin rejuvenation in conjunction with the MESO line by NovaCutis

Does micro needling treatment hearts?

The treatment with CollaPen micro needling pen does not heart, you might feel light punctuations depending on the treatment area and the patient, not to mention the needle depth can be adjusted in order to provide best experience possible.

How many procedures need to be conducted to see results?

Results can be seen shortly after the first treatments, but in order to achieve and maintain best results, it is recommended to repeat treatment every two week for the first two months and once every month thereafter.

What is the difference between CollaPen micro needling pen and derma rollers?

Derma rollers are not as effective and efficient as CollaPen micro needling pen due to its powerful micro motor and needle count which delivers an exceptional results. Additionally, the needle length from CollaPen can go deeper into dermis to achieve better results for scars and severe acne.