Does micro needling treatment hearts?

The treatment with CollaPen micro needling pen does not heart, you might feel light punctuations depending on the treatment area and the patient, not to mention the needle depth can be adjusted in order to provide best experience possible.

Does it has warranty?

Yes, CollaPen has one year warranty.

How many procedures need to be conducted to see results?

Results can be seen shortly after the first treatments, but in order to achieve and maintain best results, it is recommended to repeat treatment every two week for the first two months and once every month thereafter.

What is the difference between CollaPen micro needling pen and derma rollers?

Derma rollers are not as effective and efficient as CollaPen micro needling pen due to its powerful micro motor and needle count which delivers an exceptional results. Additionally, the needle length from CollaPen can go deeper into dermis to achieve better results for scars and severe acne.